House Fasanenstraße

Renovation and extension

Location: Brandenburg, Germany
Principal use: single-family house
Total floor area: 300m2
Year: 2022-ongoing

Design team Mostlikely Architecture: Mark Neuner, Marlene Lötsch

On an elongated plot in Stahnsdorf, a small town close to Berlin, we renovated an existing house from the 1920s and designed a wooden extension on its front façade. The house had already undergone many changes throughout the years and had lost its original appearance. The single-story extension now gives the family’s home a new welcoming look and opens up a new chapter in the building’s history.

The original house in 1929

The original house was a charming villa with brick ornaments built in the 1920s. However, over time, many alterations have been made, depriving the family home of its original appeal.
Besides, the house and its internal organization couldn’t fulfil the family’s spatial needs. We thus decided to extend the building at its front façade to give it a new look and re-organise the floor plans.

Our design proposes a single-story extension built with a timber frame construction, giving the house a new and welcoming appearance.

The light wooden construction rests on a solid concrete base, providing a soft transition between the garden level and the elevated existing ground floor. A light-coloured swinging brick path leads the way to the house through the lush garden. The existing entrance was kept but enhanced by a new wooden pergola.


Rhythmical windows oriented towards the west flood the garden salon with light. Large openings connect the old and the new and blur the boundaries between the house and the garden.