Location: 1060 Vienna, Austria
Principal use: shop
Year: 2011
Status: completed
Design team: Mark Neuner, Maik Perfahl, Wolfgang List

The shop is located at the border between the 5th and 6th districts, next to the largest, most popular market in Vienna. The wish of the client was to change a small shop, based in an historical building by Otto Wagner, into a boutique for Asian furniture and sculpture.


The challenge was to find a solution for the presentation of both large-scale furniture and small sized sculpture in a tiny room—10m long by 2.5m wide. The solution features five platforms that change the proportion of the room and leads the customer deep into the shop. The feeling of an endless room is amplified by surfaces painted completely in grey, a light-installation at the ceiling and a mirror at the end of the room.





Each platform leaves enough space for a piece of furniture and one side of the wall to be covered by a shelf that offers different sizes of niches for the sculptures. The shop is a play in proportions, darkness and infinity, and creates a memorable shopping experience.