Nam Nam

Location: 1060 Vienna, Austria
Principal use: restaurant
Year: 2010
Status: completed
Design team: Mark Neuner, Kurt Mühlbauer, Wolfgang List, Esther Straganz

The goal was to transform a run-down Viennese restaurant into a modern Indian restaurant. Our dreams and aims were big. However, we had so little budget, that we couldn’t realise them in a conventional manner. So we focused on recycled materials and included the muscle power of the new owner and his team. With the help of our DIY manuals and our instructions, the team could build all the furnitures by themselves.

By making a virtue of necessity we appropriated the concept of urban mining and circular economy.


The wooden floor and the tiles in the restrooms were taken from a demolished house in Vienna. Tables and benches were built and flamed by the MOSTLIKELY team.




visualisation of the design



Even the lights were designed and built by the MOSTLIKELY crew.




The chairs are a variety of secondhand pieces taken from Viennese coffee-houses. And at the heart of the restaurant is a bar made out of old cupboards. The final product is a mixture of Viennese and Indian culture.