House in a Roof

Location: Vienna, Austria
Principal use: housing
Total floor area: 500m2
Year: 2018-2020
Status: completed
Design team: Mark Neuner

The roof extension and renovation of the house began in 2013 and ended a few months later. The unfinished project was left to its fate and was finally sold to a new owner in 2018. We were tasked with continuing the project and quickly came across the hidden problem:
The lack of a second escape route.

Since a conventional solution with an escape staircase along the facade would impair the view of some apartments, we developed a foldable balcony that can be folded out in the event of a fire.




axo of top floor







detail of living room with adjoining patio





A free-standing bathtub by Laufen, terrazzo tiles by Gierer and parquet flooring by Holzcenter Weiss – all Austrian manufacturers.



rooftop extension
fifth floor
top floor
roof terrace