Swinging Cobenzl

Competition 1st prize, in cooperation with Realarchitektur

Location: Cobenzl, Austria
Principal use: event location
Total floor area: 4200m2 indoor, 8600m2 outdoor
Year: 2018-2021
Status: under construction

Design team Mostlikely: Mark Neuner, Bernhard Stubenböck, Maik Perfahl, Wolfgang List, Nikolaus Kastinger, Christian Höhl

Design team Realarchitektur: Petra Petersson, Christopher Leitner, Bea Perez, Hennig Watkinson

Graphics: Mostlikely Architecture

The „Swinging Cobenzl“ – a festival palace, café, bar, multi-use room – is a Viennese landmark. The occasions: weddings, christenings, anniversaries, Christmas, team events … celebrate life!

The impression: graceful and glamorous; the offer: pleasure and conviviality; the requirement: community and common good. Structurally and atmospherically, three central elements make the place tangible: views, bridges and stages framed by nature. We create a special jewel-like building attached to the iconic past of the Cobenzl Bar.


The guiding principle of „Swinging Cobenzl“ is characterized by lightness and distant viewpoints. A place for a new optimism in Vienna and in the world.



site plan


Functionally, there are three zones, from publicly accessible to completely private. The public object is the café – the private zones are the exclusive ballrooms and guest rooms – the workshops and the Panorama bar form smaller, independent satellites, which can switch between private and open.






Rondelle Café – Adaptation & Realignment
We have taken the characteristic curve of the café and develop this gesture further.



For the events at the Cobenzl, we created three halls. Each hall conveys an independent character through its free-standing structure. Each spacious terrace is assigned to one of the three event halls.



The new entrance draws visitors up to the central square: the common, multifunctional center, or as we call it: the Agora. Further back in the garden spaces, workshops are provided for all kinds of work – from digital to manual.








© Robert Anagnostopulous / KOEN