Wien Museum

Location: Vienna, Austria
Principal use: exhibition
Total floor area: 350 m2
Year: 2015
Status: completed
Design team: Mark Neuner, Caterina Krüger (graphics)

The “Wien Museum” is situated in a building designed by Oswalt Haerdtl. For many decades it was the only new built museum in Vienna and it is one of the few existing architectural examples of the 50’s. For the extension of the existing building an international, two staged competition was organized. 274 projects were handed in, and as the competition attracted quite a lot of public interest, the museum decided to exhibit all of the projects.


For the projects of the first stage we had to deal with a very small space and too little wall surface. So we came up with the idea of a labyrinth.


axonometry of the labyrinth




Dealing with such a mass of information, we decided to focus on the model. The models are lined up next to each other and create a sense of an endless strip.



The second stage was exhibited in the big aula of the museum – an ample and bright space.