Project Name: Grätzloase
Category: Sudden Workshop/cultural&community
Sudden Workshop-team: Arne Leibnitz, Nikolaus Kastinger, Andreas Lint, Christian Höhl, Marlene Lötsch, Mark Neuner
Cooperation: Creative Cluster Margareten

Year: 2020
Building time: 1 week
Location: Viktor-Christ Gasse 1050 Wien
Funding: Grätzloase,

The parklet in front of Creative Cluster Margareten serves as a public terrace, where passers-by, neighbours and the creatives of the former school can host small events, meet and relax. Surrounded by many plants, the colorful modular landscape can be configured in various ways, each part functioning as a seating element, plant pot, low table or work table. In that way, the modular system can also be used for other parklets in other parts of the city and then be adapted to the given circumstances.

This Grätzloase is our contribution during summer 2020 to extend public space and to create a qualitative, yet safe outdoor space, where people, even in times of a global pandemic, can gather and exchange.