Minimum-Maximum Workshop

Project Name: Minimum-Maximum Workshop
Category: Sudden Workshop/cultural&community
Sudden Workshop team: Mark Neuner, Andreas Lint, Simon Waldl
Cooperation: Reindorfgassenfest, Werkstatt 15

Location: Schwendermarkt
Year: 2016
Building time: 2 weeks
Location: Schwendergasse 13-15, 1150 Vienna
Budget: 1.000 €
Funding: Kulturförderung der Stadt Wien

Minimum-Maximum-Werkstatt – New chairs for Reindorfgassenfest
During the Reindorfgassenfest in 2016, annually organised by local ateliers, initiatives, pubs and communities, we adapted a parking bay for the purpose of a sudden workshop: On a long work table, visitors could build their own chairs for the festival in our open workshop. In just a few minutes, the Minimum Maximum Chair could be assembled from a prepared construction kit. If you built two chairs, one was yours to take along, while the other one stayed at the nearby Schwendermarkt.
The Minimum Maximum Chair consists of just a few wooden planks, screws, two nails and a piece of rope and can quickly be assembled, even if inexperienced. Depending on how far the central board is pulled out, the seating position can be altered. After using, the stool can be folded and easily carried away – with the rope serving as a handle.

Schwendermarkt series: Minimum Maximum-Chair

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photo: Mostlikely
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