Case Study Center for New Work

The Common Space Center for New Work provides local facilities for the new requirements in the world of work and opportunities for life-long learning. 

The Sandleitenhof was built during the period famously known as „Red-Vienna“ and is the biggest communal housing project from that time. Today, still more than 4000 inhabitants live at the Sandleitenhof and around 13.500 people are located within a walking distance of ten minutes. Despite the various facilities integrated in the housing project in the 1920’s, today many shops and spaces remain empty. The Neighborhood Center for New Work re-activates the vacant spaces and transforms them into an open platform with facilities such as:
Fix desks and shared working desks
Rooms for workshops and education
Neighborhood Cafe
Spaces for digital fabrication
Amphitheater for Talks and Events

Embed in the tradition of Viennese community housing
Reviving community work spaces
activation of vacancies such as the former local museum
offerings that enable different forms of work: communication, concentration, creation through shared and fixed desk plans, staircases for seating and meeting, a digital fab lab