Case Study Neighbourhood Market

The Common Space Neighborhood Market lays out new organizational, technological distributional and educational patterns for current and future farmers, vendors and citizens with an emphasis on the support of local small scale farming and food cooperatives.

The Volkertmarkt is currently the least visited market in Vienna: Many market stalls are vacant, visitors and offer are scarce, vendors are frustrated. However, it is centrally situated in the district, surrounded by many initiatives and is frequently used by neighbors for social gatherings. With the Common Space Neighborhood Market we want to strengthen the social aspects of the market, create a hub for synergies for the local initiatives and extend the market offer. The Neighborhood Market is an open platform, including facilities such as:
Fixed and temporary market stalls
Open market kitchen
Open market office
Multifunctional public market furniture
Flexible outdoor spaces for sports, events and social gatherings
Large seating staircase and a stage
Public roof
Green pergolas and cooling water elements
Youth center

The Common Space Volkertmarkt should become a central active site reaching out to all inhabitants and initiatives of the district. By reorganizing, renovating and expanding the market area horizontally, existing vendors will profit from improved infrastructure while additional market stalls will help to increase the range of goods on offer and therefore attract a greater number of visitors. The surrounding cultural and educational facilities are invited to use the market square as a common central site for connection and collaboration.

At the Common Space Volkertmarkt a daily food market as well as weekly held farmers markets or frequent sales for other local goods are there to supply the local community with a wide range of high quality products.

The vertical expansion through a publicly accessible roof will serve to protect the lower market area from the weather, allow for products to be grown directly on site and, most importantly, expand the multi-purpose public space.

The implementation of a public market kitchen will improve the market infrastructure so that neighborhood gatherings and festivities can be hosted on site. In that way, the market should play a central part in the public life of the neighborhood. The open market office is there to facilitate administration and organization by helping users and vendors to connect digitally and physically.