Typology Common Space New Work

The New Work typology provides spatial and organizational responses to the changes in the world of work, as a place of lifelong learning, self-empowerment and self-organization 

In most cities and especially  Vienna, there is a broad variety of privately run co-working facilities, ranging from a very intimate atmosphere to huge open plan offices. Most of them offer flexible accessibility and a well equipped working environment, however, looking at the map, most of them are located close to the city centre and asking for very high rates. More affordable spaces or such located less concentrated are vitally harder to find. In contrary to that, the City of Vienna provides a well spread, very popular network of adult education centers, called Volkshochschulen. The Common Space Typologies seeks to combine various shared work environments with educational facilities and make it accessible to all. 

There are many upcoming changes and new requirements in the world of work, currently amplified by the ongoing Covid-crisis. Working from home, flexible working hours, increased digitalization of the tasks and ways of collaboration, as well as several changes of work space throughout a professional career will most likely be integral parts of the future in the professional world.  

Due to the ongoing crisis, many people will be left without work or face drastically reduced working hours, because of economical struggles. As a respond to that, the Common Space Typology New Work promotes well distributed and affordable spaces for various kinds of work, life-long learning and re-training, providing a valuable alternative for a sensible use of the newly gained free time.