Of Donkeys and Basilisks

Location: Vienna
Year: 2012
Design type: Audiovisual sculpture
Design team: Kurt Mühlbauer / Maik Perfahl / Mark Neuner / Robert Schwarz / Wolfgang List

Mostlikely participated in the Vienna Design Week 2012 with a reconstruction of the Viennese Basilisk, a legendary creature. It was composed of 360 complex and individual parts. Those consisted of a total of 3780 two dimensional paperforms. And these again were glued together on 22680 folds. Low tech prototyping – by applying this method in a manic manner we succeed to create something delirious.

Participants: Patrick Juttel, Iza Rogucka, Anna- Katharina Nickel, Mira Tesselaar, Julia Machan, Barbara Karner, Clio van Aerde, Linnéa Jänen and Peter Gála.