The Loop

Location: Kunsthaus Graz
Year: 2014
Design type: Workshop
Design team: Maik Perfahl / Wolfgang List

The Loop was a workshop held for the Institute of Contemporary Art of TU Graz at the Kunsthaus Graz. The 5 m long and 2,5 m tall paper scultpture was designed and built by 21 students of the TU Graz. The students designed the sculpture in one day and built the whole structure in 4 days under observation of the visitors of the Kunsthaus Graz. 330 various stones made out of paper and approximately 900 working hours formed this loop.

Participants: Alexandra Petrova, Andrea Singer, Claudia Brandl, Emela Sejranic, Flora Flucher, Gilbert Wohlfahrt, Judith Weiss, Julia Prinz, Kajetan Matzer, Kalina Stoyanova, Kathrin Eingang, Nelly Tsenova, Nora Endrizzi, Philipp Grein, Polina Duschkova, Raphael Martinz, Sandra Freudenthaler , Simone Stepan, Sophie Theres Nagele, Stefan Strohmayer, Stefanie Bachleitner