14.03. – 23.03. Team Wien

Year: 2017
Research team: Petra Petersson / Wolfgang List / Barbara Gruber / Daniel Huber
Research facility: Institute of Design and Construction Principles at Graz University of Technology
Research type: Research on Design
Research output: Exhibition / Publication

This project is a research on the process of designing. In 2017 Team Wien, consisting of Anna Paul, Bika Rebek, Büro KLK, Daniela Mehlich, Felix Steinhof, Mostlikely and Tzou Lubroth Architekten, were asked to present their concept of a collaborative and communicative architecture project at the Vienna Biennale co-organised by the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts. The research documents the work intensive and in time limited collaboration of the Team Wien in a book and an analogue model.

In the book the mainly written down collaboration of the Team Wien was documented. By presenting all collected emails, from the first meeting to the final design, in an easy readable medium, a classical book, the process of how decisions were made, on which ideas were agreed on and how ideas were rejected, the process of design can be observed. The additional analogue model can be seen as a contact tracing model of the different players in the design process.